DIY Jute Clay Pot Wreath

Jute Clay Pot Wreath cover

Happy Hump Day, y'all!  We're still battling rain showers here daily, so my paint projects are lagging as they have all summer... ugh!  I know there are parts of the world that are parched, so I hate to complain, but it's become too much of a good thing this summer.  But the silver lining is that I've been able to complete a few "rainy day projects"! Like this wreath... This is such an easy DIY, but I love it for summertime and it … [Read more...]

Antiqued Mirror Upcycled Window

antiqued mirror window

Happy Monday, friends!  I have my boy home safely from Spain and Portugal and all is right in my world today. :)  I'm sure he'll sleep until noon for the next few days, but I'm happy to let him. What an amazing experience he had!!  Here are a couple of snippets -- 366 photos taken (by him), discovery of Spanish coffee, chocolate, and fresh seafood, head and heart full of devotionals and prayers, a new-found appreciation for … [Read more...]

DIY Paint Stirrer Herb Markers

paint stirrer markers cover

Remember how I said I wanted a garden?  How much I enjoyed eating fresh in the summertime?  And how some generous friends shared their bounty with us?  And then there was this amazing drink and this tasty side that called for fresh herbs? Well I abandoned my other projects to put together my own little herb garden on my back deck complete with DIY herb markers... made from paint stirrers and a little chalkboard paint. This is a … [Read more...]

Monday on a Tuesday

Herb container garden cover

Whew -- what an amazing weekend I had in NYC with my BFF.  If you follow me on Instagram you got a few peeks at what we were up to. :)  Fun times... I'll give you the details in a later post, but for today I'm digging out from under a pile of mail, emails, and laundry.  You know -- the post-trip drill in a busy household. But I'd love for you to take a look at a quick outdoor project I did last week... a container herb garden! I'm … [Read more...]

Emperor’s Silk Accent Table Makeover

Emperors Silk ASCP table after

Good Monday, everyone!  I hope you had a super weekend -- we had almost no break from the rain, so I still have projects waiting in the wings.  But I did enjoy some time watching Wimbeldon (Yay, Andy Murray!!) and had a fun movies and pizza night with my Peeps.  And this little lovely has appeared on my new knock out rose bushes I planted in our retaining wall bed!  #allthatrainwasgoodforsomething If you follow me on Instagram, you got … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It {June}

June collage

I'm having a hard time believing we're in July now!  My summer is flying by... and I really want it to just sllllooooowwww down a bit!  We were on the go in a major way last month, but I still squeezed in quite a few projects.  Hopefully I can get to even more in July -- and there are some fun things in store here on the blog in the next few weeks! In the meantime, here's a recap of June here at Decor & More... 1. Guest Room … [Read more...]

6 Ways to “Go Vintage” (A Guest Room Makeover)

6 ways collage

Happy Friday!  We're off and running toward another busy weekend -- we don't let grass grow under our feet during the summer!  I was working in my booth yesterday and had a customer ask how to incorporate a vintage piece into their decorating and it got me thinking someone else might need similar suggestions.  So today I'm sharing 6 ways to "go vintage"  in your home decor, courtesy of my recent guest room redo! When I embarked on the … [Read more...]

Thrifted TV Stand Makeover

graphite shelf after

You know those chunky TV stands you see in all the thrift stores??  Most of us have crossed over to flat screens or wall-mounted TVs making those sad pieces look like the plump boy in the corner at the 7th grade dance. I was in search of a smallish bookcase for a corner of my Mom Cave when I stumbled upon this neglected guy... The size was right, even though he weighs a ton, so I thought I could make him a little more suave to fit into … [Read more...]

Paris Gray Console

Paris Gray console

Happy Flag Day, friends!!  I hope you're showing your patriotism today by displaying our flag! Even my back deck has gotten in on the action... We've got another busy weekend planned, but I sure am enjoying my summertime! This week I finished up that sad little console table with the great legs...  remember her? She was a freebie with a corner missing on her drawer...  but I figured with a simple makeover and the right … [Read more...]

DIY Burlap Flag Bunting

flag bunting cover

Good morning, friends!  I actually had a fairly relaxing weekend and am ready to enjoy another busy week -- how about you?  I spent time with my kids and a sweet neighbor poolside, got workouts in both days, enjoyed catching up on some reading and blogs, and worked on finishing up the console table.  Last night we took in two kids for the night while their parents finished up moving out of their house and into an executive apartment while they … [Read more...]